We provide equipment and virtual reality experiences built for better health and wellness to help aid recovering individuals. We provide on-site services.


Our products are tailored to enhance your inner growth, calm and clear the mind to promote the alignment of the mind, body and soul. We have specifically chosen sounds and visuals that effectively shift cognitive well being.


Our products are built to be visually stimulating and entertaining as well as being a form of soul nourishment. Enjoy our immersive experiences that submerges you into an alternative world!

Science, consciousness, and technology co-existing to form new age healing.

At Ellysa VR, we have noticed in the age of infinite information and rapid growth in technological advancements. Humanity lacks in some areas, where in the midst of rapid technology growth, the roots of being human, and what fundamentally nourishes us at the core as humans is left behind. We want to bring forth a unique way of mind and soul healing. And to bring it to its peak potential to heal individuals from the core out through targeting deep rooted cognitive behaviors.

The team working on our products have long thought of bringing this kind of technology and "medicine" to life, almost a decade ago this idea was seeded in the minds of Ellysa X inc.